2018 Lotto Calendars are available for purchase from our website.

  A $20.00 paid donation entitles individuals to participate in our fundraiser. All you have to do is pick a three (3) digit number and we'll check your number against the New York State Daily Lottery using their evening drawing.

If your number matches on a weekday you'll win $25 and $40 on a weekend day. You can win multiple times per calendar year.

You will be responsible to fill out the tear off card on the last page of the calendar and mail it to the Calendar Committee Chair.  

You can preview the calendar HERE

Please note it's a large file and viewing it is dependent on your internet speed.

You can purchase the Calendar HERE

If you would like to help NYSTA sell calendars.  Please contact Bill Swagler at (607) 222-8554 

All pictures  donated by NYSTA members and some pictures are from the Pat Arnold Youth Trapping Camps

(A NYSTA owned Youth Trapping Camp.)


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